Calculus Questions Of The Day

calculus questions of the day
A matter of calculation -?

A person traveling on a road at 8 am from his car and does not reach its destination at 4pm. Once there, the person decides that he does not like the location of the cabin and decided to return to his car the next day. He leaves at 8 am and returns to his car at 2 pm. Is there a place along your route that passes through at the exact moment of the same from the day before and the day after? question .. refers to continuous functions.

The person traveling at the speed of D = 8t up, where D is the distance from the starting point and t is time. t = D / 8 travels at the speed of t = D / 6 to the floor. Climbing, travel D / 8 per hour and starts at point 0 Go down that travel D / 6 per hour and starts at D / 8 * t D. point = D – D / 6 * t Dt / 8 = D – Dt / 6 = 6Dt 48D – 8DT 6t = 48 – 8t 14 t = 48 3 7.3 hours t = At 8 plus 3 hours to the nearest 7.3 seconds, the time is 11:25:43 am Not calculation.

Lec 14 | MIT 18.01 Single Variable Calculus, Fall 2007


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