Bc Calculus Questions

I have some questions about my class schedule of my junior year of high school?

Okay, so I’m inspiring to be a better student. The calendar I decided for next year is as follows: Chemical Biology AP English. comp AP Calculus AB AP Spanish 3 APress So Can someone who has taken these classes tell me what to expect? Is too much AP Chem AP Biology? Should I change the AP Bio Env? Oh, and Calculus AB, I would rather have BC Calculus but it is not offered. Would it be too murderer to take online?

You are trying to be better student?! Good luck with that .. is a whole challenge and the person below you can beat the top spot at 0.01 GPA. That’s what happened at my school. Remember: quality over quantity. It will not look good 10000000000 if you take access points and get Bs / Cs ….. instead of taking 3 and make an A + in each. AP Chem is considered the most difficult AP in my school. My suggestion is: NO TAKE IT WITH AP BIO. The people at my school try to do that, but fail miserably. AP BIO is not as difficult as AP Chem but it must be considered in itself … as in SINGLE science to take for you to get an A +. If you really want to have two sciences (which I suggest you do), take the AP Bio APES. If you want to take things online drop your load in school … it will look bad if you have all that at school, but B and C in line. Just remember, Junior year is the hardest years his career in high school. Try everything you can .. but do not give up too. Note that you need to work on the SAT and extra-curricular as well. It took me two access points in my second year so the transition was easy … make sure you can handle its load. You can succeed as long as you take only as you can. My best wishes to you.

BC Calculus Sample Question 9 & 10


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