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GE Calculus, James Stewart. ยง 2.4, # 6.?

Solving this problem is very easy … except that I knew that the graph to see the solution in cramster … Do I know graph of f (x) = 2x / (x ^ 2 +4)? If so, I’m in trouble if I can not figure that? What do I need to know to solve this. (Note that this is only Chapter 2.4 which means you have not played critical numbers or points of inflow or concavity. I’m assuming you want to graph using the whole algebraic knowledge. Moreover, there is a symbol next to the number which means you need a graphing calculator … I’m just making sure that I have to know. Because, honestly, I’ve never played a graphing calculator before. Thanks for answering my stupid question. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m going to school at Purdue in mechanical engineering. We are not allowed to use graphing calculators … er, for case, we are not even allowed to use calculators!

>> Do I know graph of f (x) = 2x / (x ^ 2 +4)? No, but is expected to know how to use the graphing calculator to graph it.

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