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The 4 Simple Ways to Become an Active Learner

“The 4 Simple Ways to Become an Active Learner”

– Dr. Wayne Huang

Are you a passive or active learner? This could be the difference between failure or success in school.

Many students approach learning much like watching TV, passively watch, listen and without thinking and understanding. They expect the professors will spoon-feed them all.

Wrong! The courses you take in school or the exams you prepare require you to MASTER it and be tested on. You need to be an active learner to accomplish that.

But how?

Let me give you four simple and tangible ways you can do, starting today, to become an active learner.

#1. Preview lectures: This makes a difference between A students and average students. Spend 20-30 minutes before the lectures to preview the upcoming content. You will learn a lot more than 90% of your peers in class. Instead of reading the textbook, go rich-media. Get on with the rapid learning visual tutorials by http://www.RapidLearningCenter.com

#2. Ask questions: Go to lectures with the questioning mind, read your textbook with the questioning mind and study everything with the questioning mind. Compile a list of questions and get them answered. You will learn so much by proactively asking questions to yourself, classmates and instructors. Take a note of it too.

#3. Stay ahead: This is a matter of discipline. Try to study the materials ahead of the lectures, finish your homework ahead of time, prepare your exam ahead of the schedule.

#4. Go extra: Try to go an extra mile on everything you do in study. Do the extra homework, make the extra effort to be neat and spend the extra time to chat with your professors before and after class. Treat your study professionally and you will be a pro.

Whether you are studying high school chemistry, general chemistry, organic chemistry or biochemistry, or even MCAT chemistry, MCAT biology or MCAT physics, you need to be an active learner to succeed.

Or you are taking biology, or microbiology or molecular cell biology or college physics, the deep understanding requires an active study.

Become an active student today, it is as easy as 1-2-3-4.

“Dr. Wayne Huang is a rapid learning coach, who is the co-author of over 10 published books and 100 24-hour rapid courses in chemistry, physics, biology, medicine and mathematics. He is also the founding editor of Chemistry Tips, Physics Tips, Biology Tips and Math Tips, the daily student eZines freely available at http://www.RapidLearningCenter.com, the learning portal of Rapid Learning Inc.”

About the Author

“Dr. Wayne Huang is a rapid learning coach, who founded Rapid Learning Center to provide eLearning Solutions of science and math to new-generation of learners. His study tips and rich-media videos can be freely subscribed at http://www.RapidLearningCenter.com.

Lec 25 | MIT 18.01 Single Variable Calculus, Fall 2007

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