2008 Ap Calculus Questions

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SAT Subject Tests?

I just finished my sophomore year of school and will be a junior during the 2008-2009 school year.

I went on Collegeboard and found that the SAT and Subject tests will be offered on: October 4th, November 1, December 6, January 24, March 14, May 2, and June 6 for the 2008-2009 testing year.

I missed the deadline to register for the Math II Subject Test that’s supposed to be administered tomorrow, June 7th. I just finished taking Precal this year and will be taking AP Calculus next year as a junior.

Will I still do fine if I take the Math II test on the October 4th date? Would it be too late or difficult to remember everything? I will be taking Calculus at this time.

Also, what other Subject Test do you recommend I take? I have already taken Biology earlier this year during my first semester, and I don’t remember anything, so that subject test is probably out of the question. I will be taking AP U.S. History and AP English Language & Composition next year, if that helps.

it’ll b fine to take the math one next yr
u should also take the us history one next yr

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