Tough Calculus Problems

tough calculus problems

TCYonline’s summer Enrichment Tutoring

It’s summer time again!!!’s summer programs offer an opportunity for students to expand their mathematical horizon, improve problem solving skills, and explore areas in mathematics.

A lot of exciting mathematics will be covered, but the emphasis will be on methods of discovery and communication rather than on the simple accumulation of results.

Overall, this program is for future leaders in all fields that require strong analytical and critical thinking skills.

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STEPS announces Summer Programs 2009

Enrichment Tutoring:

TCY provides a golden opportunity for students this summer to brush up their Mathematical skills and stay ahead. The program is specially designed to prepare ambitious students to meet new academic challenges of the next grade and to take them a step ahead of their classmates.

Building Fundamentals with Math Edge:

Our experts will scientifically evaluate your child’s strengths and areas needing improvement with a Pre-Assessment test (PAT). Once the areas needing improvement are identified, our experts work step by step on strengthening these areas, and helping build up a strong foundation in Math. Students can also register for specific topics for which they need additional help or guidance.

Speed Math:

Speed Math is an excellent opportunity for students who believe in speed and performance at the same time. This course would include very interesting tips & tricks to solve Mathematical problems very quickly.

STEPS toward SAT:

Driven by the needs of our students and guided by an exhaustive research, our experienced course planners have designed a highly useful program for the preparation this summer, to cover all Math topics expected in SAT.

Algebra I:

This course reviews the fundamentals of elementary and intermediate algebra. The course prepares students for more advanced study in Mathematics, i.e. Pre-calculus and Calculus, and for programs involving broader Mathematical principles. The Goal of the program is to help the student understand the basic concepts of Algebra and prepare for the tough challenges ahead.

Algebra II:

This program is designed to help students understand the more advanced concepts of Algebra and to demonstrate the skills required in solving real word problems

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Building Fundamentals with Math Edge



Speed Math



STEPS toward SAT



Algebra I



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