Past Ap Calculus Questions

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Which math class comes after Calculus?

Yeah, I’m a HS freshman taking Algebra 2 Honors. I was planning my schedule for the rest of my years in high school when I hit into a little roadbump. Since most seniors don’t get past Calculus, the courses after Calculus are rarely heard of.

When I become a sophomore, I’ll take pre-calc. As a junior, I’ll take AP Calculus AB. Then, what comes next? Do I take trigonometry? I heard that it only lasts for a semester and is worth 0.5 credit. Do I take College Algebra in the 2nd semester? Does Integrated Math come after Trignometry? What comes after Calculus? What comes after Trig? THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS THAT KEEP ME UP AT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In my school district, students take pre-calc after Algebra 2.
In FL, Trigonometry is a separate class. We just brush over some trigonometry concepts in Algebra 2 and other math classes, but if someone wants more knowledge on that subject, then the person can take Trig Honors or something.

There’s an AP Calc BC after that, if your school offers it. Trig should have come before pre-calc. College Algebra is high school algebra I and II, so you don’t need that. AP Calc AB and BC pretty much cover college calculus I, II, and III. So next would be differential equations – you can take that at a local college if your school offers dual enrollment.

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